Monday, February 11, 2013

My MAC Lipstick Stash: Review and Swatches

     Up until recently, the only things I owned from MAC are their lipsticks. I am not big on spending more that $10 on lipsticks, but some of the most stunning colors I have spotted in editorials and on the runway always ended up being MAC colors, so I inevitable had to get a few for myself.

     As you can see, most of the colors I own are pretty bold. I have this theory that if you are going to wear lipstick, it might as well stand out. Hehe.
     Here are the colors swatched on my arm, in direct sunlight, and I will review each shade below.

Girl About Town (amplified):
      I love this color, despite it being a bright bold hot pink, it is quite flattering and wearable. It is possible to achieve a more subdued look by blending the color with your fingers or with a brush. It stains the lip, so at the end of the day, you will still have a relatively strong flush of color.
MAC Girl About Town Lipstick
So Chaud (matte):
     I got this one when the orange-y red matte lips were super popular on the runway. That trend may have passed, but I still really love this color. It has a very modern, clean, and fashionable feel to it. But because it is matte, it is a little drying, but the incredible pigmentation makes up for it.
MAC So Chaud Lipstick
Morange (amplified):
     Now I honestly can't tell you why I bought this color, I an guessing that bright lips must have been "in" when I got it. I have used it a few times, but mostly during the first few months that I owned it, because I am finding this harder and harder to pull of. Maybe in the summer...
     Anyhow, this is an orange lipstick- bold, pigmented, and creamy with a bit of sheen. I think you got to be pretty daring to pull this one off. The formula does settle into the lines of the lips a bit, which I find is quite common with MAC amplified and creme sheen lipsticks.
MAC Morange Lipstick
Crosswires (creme sheen):
     This is a soft peach coral with a slight shimmer. It swatches beautifully, but I have an issue with this settling into the lines of the lips. Also, because it is a cremesheen, it isn't as pigmented as the colors mentioned above. However, the color is very wearable.
MAC Crosswires Lipstick

Speak Louder (creme sheen):
     Speak Louder and Crosswires are very very similar in terms of texture. From what I  can tell, all of the lip swatches of Speak Louder on the internet make the color a lot brighter than it seems. This is actually a subdued rosy pink with a hint of shimmer. Again, I don't reach for this very often because it gathers in the lines of my lips.
MAC Speak Louder Lipstick

Diva (matte):
     This color is the newest one in my collection, I got it 2 days ago because I really wanted to try a deep wine colored red (burgandy). The makeup artist at MAC recommended Diva and I loved it on me. It's definitely a statement color but I think I will get quite a few uses out of this color (I might have once said that about Morange). This is matte, so my lips definitely needs to be in tip-top condition to sport this.
MAC Diva Lipstick (The color looks a bit darker in person)
I hope you enjoyed this post, doing 6 consecutive lip swatches was NOT FUN. It was sunny for once and I had good lighting in my room so I decided to do all the swatches right then and there. Never again, I apologize to my lips for the abuse they suffered today.

P.S. All the colors I reviewed are in the permanent collection.
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