Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 13: I'm Sorry.......

Alright, I see we have another tough prompt today: "issue a public apology, this can be as funny or as serious or as creative as you want it to be." So far I have gotten pretty deep and personal in my challenge posts so I don't see why I should stop now...... Plus I for the life of me cannot think of a funny or creative response to this so I will dedicate this short appology to a nice boy I met in first year that I stopped talking to. This is an appology I often think up in my head and wish I had the courage to tell him, but I am too much of a pansy, so here goes:

I am sorry I stopped talking to you and I am sorry I stopped responding to your texts and messages. I should have handled things better, I was very immature and rude. I think you a kind person but I found it very difficult to connect with you. I felt you were too nice and sometimes that's very hard to deal with. Also I feel terrible every time I see you on campus; I should have said hi but I never did. I'm sorry. I didn't just suddenly forget about you and the times we've hung out, I am just incredibly terrified of confrontations and I am scared that you will misunderstand and get hurt by the things I want to tell you. That is all, I hope you have found better friends who appreciate you for who you are, good luck with everything and once again, I am really sorry.

There it is, my appology. He isn't going to see this and I doubt he will feel better (or care, for that matter) even if he did. I sometimes feel that apologies are useless because what does a sorry even mean? Isn't it a mere acknowledgement that you know you are an awful person or did an awful thing? For me, apologies don't really mean anything unless you are willing to make it up to the person you are sorry to, and if you have no intentions of doing that, then don't even bother with the sorry because it's just an empty word. I think sometimes people say sorry with the sole intention of giving themselves a peace of mind instead of making up for their wrongs....... Alright, I'll end my rant here haha.

Have a good day guys, thank you to those that read this super personal and semi-boring post to the end. I'll come back with funner things tomorrow!
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