Monday, May 6, 2013

Iron Man Inspired Nails: Manicure Featuring Nail Art Studs

Disclaimer: The nail studs were provided for review.
I saw Iron Man 3 (so so soooo good) last Friday and decided to do a manicure inspired by Tony Stark's bad ass Iron Man suit. I thought it was also the perfect opportunity to use the awesome nail art studs Born Pretty Store kindly sent us to review. So for more picture and a review of the nail art studs, click......
The nail art studs comes in a little plastic wheel box that neatly keeps the different designs separate. In the picture below, I have laid out all the studs included in the set next to the now retired Canadian penny for size comparison. For this look, I used the gold square ones.
I used my favorite red from Julep called "Molly" and sponged on "Ziv" from Zoya at the tips. Then I applied the studs onto my still wet ring finger, keeping them evenly spaced. In hindsight, the studs should probably be applied with nail glue because the topcoat and the polish didn't keep them on my nails for too long.

I like the studs, they are pretty easy to use, the only problem I have is with the bigger ones like the heart and the star. I can't imagine them staying on the nails for too long because they are so large that they won't lay nice and flat on the nail.
But overall, these studs give such a cool and edgy look to any manicure! If you are interested in purchasing this set, use the coupon code VGL91 to get 10% off your purchase!
Thanks for dropping by! I can't wait for more super hero movies to come out this summer so I can do more themed manicures!
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