Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 19 & 20: Parents and Education

Disrespecting My Parents:
I don't think I act disrespectfully towards my parents that much, most definitely not towards my dad because he can be very stern and scary. But I guess I am a lot more "improper" with my mom and that is because she is very childish in nature, very dependent upon us and ver not authoritative. So sometimes I take advantage of that and project whatever negative emotions I experience onto her. I am not proud of it and I try not to do it. But because she is the way she is, she lets me get away with it, and I am thankful for how forgiving she can be.

The Importance of Education:
As a college student, I say of course education is important. Our society puts such a heavy emphasis on a good solid education that it is hard to thrive without one. However, I think the way we define a good education is very limited; it seems that the government and the society believes we can only get a decent education in a classroom and certain things can only be taught in a certain way. Often we don't have that much freedom in choosing what we want to learn and when that's the case, education can be unbearably boring.

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