Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Mattify Cosmetics Long Lasting Blush in "Terra Cotta" & "Strawberry Wine": Review & Swatches

Disclaimer: These products were provided for review.
Hi guys, today I have two more products from the amazing Mattify Cosmetics. Ever since I reviewed the Mattify Ultra Transparent oil absorbing powder a week ago (review here), I have been using it every single day, it really works quite well to absorb the oil!
Anyhow, today's product are two loose powder blushes ($14 for 20g jar) both containing the same oil absorbing ingredients as the transparent powder- kaolin clay and silica spheres. So how do these compare? Click read more to check out my review and some swatches......

In the jar, "Terra Cotta" looks like a very warm matte peachy coral and "Strawberry Wine" leans more peachy rose. However, when swatched, the two look very very similar, with "Strawberry Wine" slightly brighter and "Terra Cotta" looking slightly smokier.
Both colors apply very nicely, and because they are quite pigmented, a tiny dusting is more than enough.
Much like the transparent and tinted powders, these are very finely milled and not chalky to apply. I wasn't able to test out the oil absorbing properties of these because my cheeks never get oily. The longevity was not noticeably longer than any of my other blushes, it is hardly noticeable at the end of the day. I seem to never get a full day wear of any blush, perhaps I touch my face too much?
Wearing "Terra Cotta" on left side of image and "Strawberry Wine" on right side of image.

Overall, both are great product for those looking for matte warm toned blushes, I don't think these two colors are different enough so one or the other will do.  I personally would probably get "Strawberry Wine" because the name is so pretty, it reminds me of the song "Summer Wine" covered by Lana del Rey:
Anyhow, what do you guys think, do you prefer matte or shimmery blushes? How long does your blush last into the day? Let me know in the comments!

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