Friday, December 13, 2013

Saffron Rouge Inner Circle Monthly Subscription Service: Review

Disclaimer: The subscription featured was provided for review.
Happy Friday all, today I have a great beauty subscription to introduce to you! Saffron Rouge Inner Circle is a monthly subscription service that delivers deluxe samples of organic makeup, skincare, and hair products right to your doorstep, for a monthly price of $24.99 (free shipping to Canada and USA). The bundle I received is from the September edition of the subscription and it is all about organic hair care. Quite frankly, I have never had much luck with organic or natural hair products, I found that after using them, my hair felt coarse and stripped of its natural oils.
However, I tried a few products from this selection and I am so far quite pleased, to read a bit more about what was in the subscription, click......
Dr. Jones Organic Shampoo:
Free of synthetics and chemicals, this shampoo helps reduce hair thinning and improves the overall appearance of your hair. I have yet to try this but I am very happy that this product is full sized. Too often do I get those foil packages of shampoo that doesn't have nearly enough product in them for me to get a full lather. So yay for full sized products!

I tried this last night and the smell is nice, very herbal and fresh. It gave a nice lather but it did not leave my hair feeling particular smooth or conditioned.

Rahua Hair Spray and Voluminous Conditioner:
The Rahua Hair Spray claims that with its regular usage, your hair will appear more inflated and voluminous. The reason that I really like this is that it has no alcohol, which means I won't smell like a part time alcoholic when I leave the house in the morning on days that I curl my hair.
The voluminous conditioner I have tried before in another beauty box, I liked it but I wasn't overly impressed.
Both of these are deluxe samples which means there are enough products to last quite a few uses!

This month's subscription also came with a hand full of foil packets, and they are:

Rahua Shampoo:
This I have also tried before, along with the conditioner. Again, I just wasn't overly impressed, I believe each of these full sized go for about $30, and for that price, the quality just doesn't match.

John Masters Sweet Orange & Silk Protein Styling Gel:
This packet is actually quite large. With 10ml I imagine I will get at least three uses out of it. I will try it soon and update my impression of it.

Lulu Organics Hair Powder:
This little packet of contains lavender and sage scented hair powder meant to be used on those days that you just don't feel like washing your hair. I have only tried hair powder sprays before but on a couple occasions of extreme desperation, I have tried dusting face powder at the roots of my hair so I think I will enjoy this one quite a bit.

Kahina Giving Beauty Argan Oil:
100% Argan oil, this product can be used on the skin or on the hair. I have tried this and another brand's pure Argan oil in the past. Interestingly, I genuinely prefer Argan oil that is mixed with chemical ingredients. The reason is that when I use very little of the pure Argan oil, I feel like it almost makes no difference. However, if I try putting in just a tad more, my hair will end up very greasy. So personally I have yet the perfect the method of applying this to hair so I have been using it  as cuticle oil. But it's all good because I love my nails.

Anyhow, in terms of value, this month's subscription is definitely worth since organic hair product's price can often get quite jaw-dropping. This month is a special hair months so in usual months, Saffron Rouge Inner Circle includes makeup and skincare products as well.
Due to its popularity, the Inner Circle subscription currently has a wait list until January, but if you are interested in this subscription and all of its luscious organic offerings, sign up now and you will receive a box as soon as you off the wait list!
So what do you guys think, does this subscription tickle your fancy? Are you particularly into organic beauty/hair products? Let me know in the comments below!

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