Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Safe in the Sun with Avon Sun+: Review

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The weather today in Vancouver is super sunny and hot (just in time for Canada Day), so I thought I'd share with y'all a few new sun protection products from Avon Sun+, to read more, click.......
I feel like it's only in the recent years that I started practicing more vigorous sun care. Before then, I use to only use sunscreen when I am out in the sun for extensive periods of time. I remember my whole family got the back of our necks badly burnt during our visit to Disneyland six or so years ago, because no one thought to apply any sunscreen there!
Nowadays I try to wear a little bit of SPF even on cloudy days because I hear that sun protection is the best prevention of wrinkles and age spots (and needless to say, of sunburns and skin cancer as well).
Avon Sun+ Sport Refresh Sunscreen Lotion ($12.99 for SPF 30, $14.99 for SPF 50) Review
Avon Sun+ Sport Refresh Sunscreen Lotion ($12.99 for SPF 30, $14.99 for SPF 50):
What I love about this sunscreen is that not only does it stay water resistant for 80 minutes (great for swimming of high-intensity sports), it doesn't smell or feel like your old-fashioned sunscreen. The Sport Refresh has a very light and, well, refreshing scent. The product applies weightlessly and absorbs very quickly; it doesn't have any of that sunscreen greasiness or heaviness!

Avon Sun+ Kids Disappearing Potion Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 ($12.99) Review
Avon Sun+ Kids Disappearing Potion Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 ($12.99):
Designed for kids, this sunscreen goes on light blue and the color disappears after the product is blended. I think the concept is really neat as it will help kids see exactly which spots they might have missed. Also, kids love colors so this probably will increase the likelihood that they will remember to put on sunscreen. I have been using this one for several weeks now (because I love colors too) and I quite like it. The formulation is a bit greasy compared to the Sport Refresh and it will sting if it goes into the eyes but in terms of sun protection this works wonders. It's water resistant for 80 minutes so it's perfect for when I go on my long runs.

Avon Sun+ After Sun Aloe Gel ($7.99) Review
Avon Sun+ After Sun Aloe Gel ($7.99):
Formulated with aloe vera, this refreshing gel is designed to be used after sun exposure to help relieve dry or sun-burnt skin. The product has a mild cooling effect and it smells very refreshing as well. I haven't really had the need to use this thus far but I'd imagine this would provide so much relief for sun-burnt skin!
Avon Sun+ After Sun Aloe Gel ($7.99) Review
I highly recommend the Sport Refresh Sunscreen Lotion for everyday use given how lightweight and refreshing it feels on the skin. The Kids Disappearing Potion is great for the little ones that may need a little encouragement when it comes to sun care and the Aloe Gel is great to keep in the house in case of a sun emergency.

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