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Calvin Klein CK One Summer 2014 Eau de Toilette Spray: Review

Disclaimer: Product featured was provided for review.
Back in 2008, when I was about 15 or 16 years old, I was a big fan of Lindsay Lohan (Mean Girls was my favorite film back then, okay). And in a summer edition of Flare fashion magazine, there was a "what's in my beach bag" editorial featuring Lindsay Lohan. In her beach bag, amongst the designer-brand sunglasses and the $600 silky summer scarf, was a beautiful bottle of CK One Summer by Calvin Klein. I was immediately enamored with the clean and simple design of the bottle and the fact that it was touted as a refreshing citrus summer scent. And so I bought my first designer brand perfume, CK One Summer.
Interesting, Calvin Klein releases a CK One Summer ($68 for 100ml) every year and each year the packaging and the scent are slightly different. Today I will be reviewing the 2014 edition. To read more, click.......
Bottle Design:
The CK One bottle has a simple but elegant slender flask-like design. The 2014 edition has a gradient design, shifting from yellow to green to blue. The colors reminds me of a fancy mojito drink. The bottle comes with a twist-off cap and a spray nozzle because the scent can either be directly splashed onto the skin or sprayed like your usual perfume.
The Scent:
CK One Summer is described as a "energetic, cool, and playful" citrus scent.

Top Notes: Frozen Lime, Grapefruit, Melon
Middle Notes: White Freesia, Cypress, Tequila
Base Notes: Coconut Water, Crushed Sugar, Cedarwood

As I've mentioned, every year Calvin Klein tweaks the notes of One Summer just a bit so it's different every year. This year's edition, to me, feels a bit more cocktail-eque, most likely due to the tequila elements. The scent is still very citrus-y and fresh but there is a bit more sultry alcohol-ness. Once the top note mellows out the scent becomes rather sweet, I think I can actually pick up a bit of the coconut and cedarwood. Compared to the 2008 edition, the one feels a bit heavier and a little more saturated.
CK One Summer 2014 edition next to my 2008 edition (all the embossing have actually rubbed off)
This is a saturated citric summer scent. The tequila middle notes makes the perfume quite sultry, but when that settles the it becomes very sweet and fruity.

CK One Summer is available at Shoppers Drug Mart, The Bay, Sears, Murale, London Drugs, and Rexall across Canada.
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