Friday, August 8, 2014

Memebox Global Edition #13: Unboxing and Review

Disclaimer: Product featured was provided for review.Memebox Global Edition #13: Unboxing and Review
Happy Friday everyone! Today I have another Memebox (Global Edition #13) unboxing so buckle in and get ready for some K-beauty! To read more, click.......
The Global boxes from Memebox come with four to eight full sized products and a selection of deluxe samples. The content varies from makeup to skincare to body products. Here is what's in box #13:
Memebox Global Edition #13: Unboxing and Review
Full Size: 23 Years Old CX Detoxifying Air Therapy ($50)
Hands down the most interesting item in the box, this "Carboxy Pack" is a two step face mask. The box contains a mock-syringe filled with a gel-like face mask made from carbonated water. After applying this gel, the mask sheet is to be placed on top. I am not exactly sure what the ingredients of either components are but once the mask sheet is placed over the gel, the two creates a fizzling reaction that causes a very, very, very strong prickling/stinging sensation. The reaction is suppose to deeply penetrate and cleanse the pores. After using the mask duo my skin definitely felt refreshed. I didn't experience any redness afterwards (surprisingly) but I feel like this mask may not be appropriate for those with sensitive skin.

Memebox Global Edition #13: Unboxing and Review
Sample Pack: Donga Tempo Eco Natural Super Tampon ($11 for 16 pack)
Tampons?!? Yup! I am not really sure if tampons are appropriate for a beauty/skin/body box but since I do use them every once in a while, I don't mind. These are 100% cotton and promises to be super gentle and comfortable.

Memebox Global Edition #13: Unboxing and Review
Sample Sized: CNP Cosmetics Tone-Up Protection Sun Derma-Scalp Shampoo ($27 and $34 for full sizes)
From the CNP Cosmetics, the shampoo promises to deep cleanse and unclog the pores of the scalp and the sunscreen promises to protect the skin with SPF 42.

Memebox Global Edition #13: Unboxing and Review
Full Size: Yufit Eon Wheat-Germ Cream75 ($48)
Containing 75% of organic wheat bud extract, this face cream helps "hydrate, firm, and fight signs of aging". The texture is very light and airy and it feels super nourishing on the skin; it is appropriate for both night and day.

Memebox Global Edition #13: Unboxing and Review
Sample Pack: Soy BIO + Fermented Lumpoule ($174 for 14 vials)
Facial ampoules made from fermented soy beans, this product is intended to be used after your daily toner. The Lumpoule brightens skin tone and helps prevent wrinkle formation. I will be passing this one to my mom because she loves serum/toner products.

Memebox Global Edition #13: Unboxing and Review
Full Size: Nuganic Customize Pure Snail Color Control Cream ($54)
Pure snail? Yes you read that right. This is one special CC cream because not only does it have SPF 50+, it is also formulated with snail mucus extract that helps balance skin's oil level. Again, I cannot wait to give this a try but because I literally have six or seven tubes of BB/CC creams open, I will hold off for just a bit!

This box was a bit of a mixed bag. I very much enjoyed the "CX Detoxifying Air Therapy" face mask (despite the intense sensation) and the snail CC cream sounds seriously cool but the other sample sized shampoo, sunscreen, and "lumpoule" are kind of a miss for me just because they are not that interesting. And all in all, this box only had three full sized products. With that said though, for $23 this one is not too bad.

The Global Edition #13 Memebox is sold out but there is an amazing selection of other Memeboxes, make sure to check them out here!
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