Monday, September 1, 2014

Avon Stardust Nail Enamel for Fall 2014: Review and Swatches

Disclaimer: Product featured was provided for review.
For Fall 2014, Avon is bringing back the textured polish trend with its Stardust Nail Enamel Collection. Featuring five dazzling 3D glitter polishes with a textured finish, the Stardust polishes ($6.99 CAD) will help your nails feel super fabulous for all your special occasions! To see some swatches of three lovely shades from the collection, click.......

Crystallized Pink:
This one is a very elegant pale, soft pink. The formulation is packed to the brim with glitters so two simple coats were all I needed for the swatches below. The drying time was very quick and the finish has a noticeable but un-gritty texture.
Two coats with no top coat.
Two coats with no top coat.
Black Sequins:
This one is simple black texture polish filled with micro silver glitters. Unlike Crystallized Pink, Black Sequins doesn't have the larger hexagon glitters. The formulation is also super easy to work with, two coats to opacity and the drying time was quick. The finish is slightly smoother compared to Crystallized Pink as well.
Two coats with no top coat.
Two coats with no top coat.
Jewel Blue:
This one is a gorgeous dusty blue textured glitter that's very reminiscent of OPI's Tiffany Case from the Bond Girls Collection. The formulation was smooth and opaque, I used two coats. Again, I really love the texture of these because it's definitely noticeable without being weirdly chunky and gritty.
Two coats with no top coat,
Two coats with no top coat.
Although this collection isn't entirely unique or original, the amazing formulation and finish makes them worth checking out if you just can't get enough of textured glitters!

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