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Clarisonic Brush Heads: Review and Comparison

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Clarisonic Brush Heads: Review and Comparison
I started using the Clarisonic back in July so it's long overdue for me to replace my brush head (the recommended use is three months). So today I wanted to do a post reviewing and comparing three different Clarisonic Replacement Brush Heads ($31 CAD) for those of you who are thinking of trying a different brush head. To read more, click......
Clarisonic Brush Heads: Review and Comparison
The replacement brush heads come in individual little boxes and each also include its own travel cap. Replacing the brush heads are quite simple. Firmly hold and twist and the brush head will come right off. When twisting the new one back on, make sure the little notches matches up with the metal hooks on the device and you are all set!
Clarisonic Brush Heads: Review and Comparison Sensitive
Sensitive Brush Head:
The sensitive brush head is pretty much known as the standard brush head as this is the one that comes with most Clarisonic starter kits. Ideal for most skin types, this brush head provides a gentle yet thorough cleansing.
Clarisonic Brush Heads: Review and Comparison Delicate
Delicate Brush Head:
Designed for those with very sensitive skin, the delicate brush head has longer bristles compared to the sensitive brush head. I don't think the type or bristles are different from those of the sensitive brush head. However, because the bristles are longer, they are more flexible and thus will bend more when it moves across the skin. This brush head definitely feels softer and gentler on the skin so if you find the sensitive brush too rough, definitely give this one a try!
Clarisonic Brush Heads: Review and Comparison Deep Pore
Deep Pore Brush Head:
This brush head is different from the sensitive brush head in two ways. One, the bristles are slightly shorter, which prevents the bristles from bending too much during use, so the tips of the bristles are much more likely to be directly in contact with pore openings. Two, the circle of blue bristles are different from the black ones found on the sensitive and delicate brush.  These blue bristles appear thicker and thus provide more force when the device is turned on.
I have oily skin and I do notice a slight difference when using this brush head. The bristles feel a bit more stiff and the brush altogether gives a more "exfoliative" feeling (although the Clarisonic is not a face scrub and will not cause any abrasions).

I have pretty tough skin so although I can feel the difference of these brush heads on my face, I couldn't really see a difference in result. All three cleansed well and none left my skin feeling sensitive or stripped of its moisture. If you do have sensitive skin, then it's best to steer clear of the deep pore brush and opt for the delicate brush.

Availability:Clarisonic is available online and in stores at Sephora.
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