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OPI Brights 2015 Summer Collection: Review and Swatches

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OPI Brights 2015 Summer Collection: Review and Swatches
For those of you that love some bright tips for the summer, OPI's got you covered with the new Summer 2015 Brights Collection. This collection features six brand new shades and three classics from last year's Brights Collection (with some updates). To see some swatches and my review of each shade, click.......
OPI Brights 2015 Summer Collection: Review and Swatches
OPI Brights 2015 Summer Collection
Brand New Shades:
I Sea You Wear OPI:
A gorgeous shimmery blue with a slight purple duo-chrome effect. The formulation is decent but sheer, I used two to three coats for the swatches below.
I Sea You Wear OPI: Two coats (three on some fingers) with no top coat.
The Berry Thought of You:
An orchid cream, this shade is slightly sheer on the first coat. With two coats though, the finish is quite opaque and shiny.
The Berry Thought of You: Two coats with no top coat.
My Car Has Navy-gation:
A dark navy blue creme, this shade is very thick. The formulation was thus a bit hard to work with as it streaked easily. I used two coats with a layer of top coat because the finish of this was just too streaky and uneven.
My Car Has Navy-gation: Two coats with top coat.
On Pinks & Needles:
This is a fun clear top coat packed with neon pink hex glitters of various sizes. I am generally not a fan of OPI glitters, but this one is quite nice as there were no glitter-fishing required! I used one coat on top of My Car Has Navy-gation. The finish is a bit dull so if you want some shine, definitely add a top coat.
On Pinks & Needles: One coat over two coats of My Car has Navy-gation, no top coat.
I Stop for Red:
An eye-catching bright red, this is a nice and pigmented creme. The color is nothing special but the formulation is nice. I used two coats for the swatches below.
I Stop for Red: Two coats with no top coat.
Can't Hear Myself Pink!:
This is a gorgeous coral pink shimmer. The formulation is packed with golden rose sparkles. The polish seems sheer upon the first coat but with two coats the finish is nicely opaque.
Can't Hear Myself Pink!: Two coats with no top coat.
Pre-existing Shades (from the Summer 2014 Brights Collection):
Although these three shades below share the same names as last year's shades, the formulation and color actually vary quite a bit. So basically these are reformulations of last year's three best selling shades from the Brights 2014 collection.

Hotter Than Pink:
This is bright light pink filled with fine lavender shimmers. The shade is opaque with two coats and the finish was quite shiny. Last year's Hotter Than Pink is a much brighter hot pink with a matte finish.
Hotter Than You Pink: Two coats with no top coat.
Down to the Core-al:
This is an orange coral with golden shimmers. This one is a bit sheer and I experienced some bubbling. The formulation isn't great so I had to use three coats. Last year's Down to the Core-al is a neon version of this with a matte finish.
Down to the Core-al: Three coats with no top coat.
Life Gave Me Lemons:
A refreshing lime yellow, this shade is smooth but sheer. I used three coats. Last year's Life Gave Me Lemons was greener with a matte finish.
Life Gave Me Lemons: Three coats with no top coat.
I love this collection and I actually quite enjoy the updates on the three shades from last year's Brights Collection. A few misses are My Car has Navy-gation and Down to the Core-als. My favorites are Can't Hear Myself Pink! and On Pinks & Needles.

The Brights 2015 collection is now available at London Drugs, Shoppers, Ulta, various drugstores and professional salons.
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