Saturday, May 2, 2015

Lady Gaga Eau de Gaga 001: A Fragrance for Men & Women

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Lady Gaga Eau de Gaga 001: A Fragrance for Men & Women
Described as an enigmatic scent, Lady Gaga's Eau de Gaga 001 ($59 CAD for 50ml) is the artist's second fragrance, designed for both men and women. As part of a to-be-continued collection (hence the "001" in the name), Eau de Gaga is a relatively simple and clean scent with prominent lemon and floral notes. To read more about the scent, click......
The Bottle:
Unlike the fierce bottle of Gaga's first fragrance Fame, Eau de Gaga has a very simple and understated look. Housed in a completely black lacquered bottle that almost feels like it's made of ceramic, Eau de Gaga is rectangular with sleek edges. The front has a shiny silver plaque that reads "Eau de Gaga, Paris New York, 001".
Lady Gaga Eau de Gaga 001: A Fragrance for Men & Women
The Scent:
I have never tried Fame so this is my first taste (or sniff, rather) of Gaga. To be honest, I was expecting something more. Eau de Gaga starts off with a very sharp, masculine cologne-y lemon note and after that mellows out, you get the sweet woody floral notes. Interestingly, this is a bit similar to Dior Homme Cologne but Eau de Gaga is more harsh (initially) and woody (after the top note settles). My nose is not sensitive enough to detect the leather.

Top Note: Lemon
Heart Note: White violet
Base Notes: Leather and woody notes

Overall I like the scent but it's nothing special. It initially reminded me of a lemon cocktail but it settles into a woody floral. It's lovely, but it's very similar to many other scents I've tried in the past.

Eau de Gaga 001 is available in stores at Shoppers Drug Mart and Walmart.
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