Sunday, July 12, 2015

Jealous Body Scrub New Almond + Coffee Scrub: Review

Disclaimer: The product featured was provided for review.
Jealous Body Scrub New Almond + Coffee Scrub: Review
As you may remember from a while ago, I reviewed an awesome ground coffee body scrub from a Vancouver-based company called Jealous Body Scrub. Because the Coconut + Coffee scrub has been receiving so much love since its launch, Jealous Body released four new body scrubs! Today, I want to talk about the new Almond + Coffee Scrub ($18.95 CAD for 200g). To read all about it, click.......

The Almond + Coffee Scrub comes in a simple resealable paper bag with plastic lining. As I've mentioned before, the packaging isn't the most convenient for usage in the shower so I've been scooping out handfuls and putting them in a little cup before I bring it in the shower with me.
Jealous Body Scrub Almond + Coffee
Made with premium fresh Robusta ground coffee, cold-pressed almond oil, brown sugar, sea salt, vitamins A, E, and D, and minerals, the Almond + Coffee scrub promises to relieve dry skin, exfoliate dead skin cells and help improve skin complexion. Because the scrub is packed with ground coffee, salt, and sugar, it is incredibly exfoliative. I find it a bit too scratchy for the face but it's so good for preventing ingrown hairs on the body from shaving. The strong coffee scent is absolutely invigorating and the almond oil leaves the skin lightly moisturized.
Compared the to the original Coconut + Coffee scrub, the Almond + Coffee isn't too different. I think the Coconut + Coffee scrub leaves behind a bit more coconut oil residue so if you have naturally hydrated skin, you would be better off with the Almond + Coffee scrub, which is a bit lighter.
The $18.95 CAD price tag might seem a bit steep, but 200g is actually quite a bit of product, my last bag lasted me almost a month!
Jealous Body Scrub New Almond + Coffee Scrub: Review
Jealous Body Scrub Almond + Coffee
Along with the original Coconut + Coffee Scrub, Jealous Body now carries four new scrubs: Almond + Coffee, Macadamia + Coffee, Cocoa + Almond, Grapeseed + Macadamia. I personally am super excited to try the Cocoa + Almond Scrub, Cocoa plus coffee sound like a heavenly combination!

Jealous Body Scrub is available online.
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