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Remington T Studio PROtect Hair Straightener with Vapor Infusion Technology: Review

Disclaimer: The product featured was provided for review.
At the London Drugs Fall Beauty Preview event this year, there were quite a few innovative beauty gadgets on showcase. One hair tool that really caught my attention was the Remington T Studio PROtect Hair Straightener ($82.99 USD), coming soon to Canada at London Drugs this fall. Equipped with a very interesting Vapor Infusion Technology that emits a cooling micro vapor just before the heat plates touch the hair, this new straightener promises a frizz-free and longer-lasting style. I've been using this straightener quite a bit in the past month and today I want to share with you my thoughts. To read on, click.......
Remington T Studio PROtect Hair Straightener
· Vapor Infusion Technology that emits a cooling micro-vapor
· 1" Ceramic plates
· 5 Temperature settings; heats up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit in 30 seconds
· Floating plate design; plates spring back when clamped to prevent overheating the hair
· Auto shutoff after 60 minutes
· Swivel cord to prevent tangling
· Includes one tube of Macadamia Conditioning Treatment (extra tubes sold separately)
Remington T Studio PROtect Hair Straightener
The Remington T Studio Protect Straightener has a very sleek, light blue-grey design. There are four control buttons: on/off button, plus and minus buttons for temperature control, and the Vapor Infusion on/off button. The on/off button needs to be pressed and held for a couple of seconds before the device will respond. There is a little light panel on the side of the device that lights up to show the temperature setting.
Although the heating plates are only 1" wide, the entire clamping section is much wider. This is to accommodate the Vapor Infusion Technology slit that emits a cool micro vapor, which promises to re-hydrate and protect the hair from heat damage.
To turn on the vapor, simply press and hold the vapor button until the blue light comes on. The straightener will then release a micro vapor whenever the heat plates are clamped together during straightening. The straightener is to be held so that the vapor slit faces away from the scalp. This way, the hair receives a cool vapor mist right before being straightened.
Refillable reservoir for the Cool Micro Vapor
with the Macadamia Conditioning Treatment
The micro vapor comes from the liquids in the refillable reservoir found on the side of the handle. The little cartridge can be filled with distilled water (free of impurities and minerals) or the included tube of Remington Macadamia Conditioning Treatment (macadamia oil infused distilled water, available in packs of 4 for $6.99 USD).
The reservoir holds about 12ml of liquid (one tube of the Macadamia treatment) and it produces enough vapors for ~15 uses so it has to be refilled pretty regularly. Of course, the Vapor Infusion technology doesn't have to be turned on during straightening so if you choose to not use it, the reservoir can be left empty.

I think this is an overall great straightener. The plates heat up very quickly and it actually gets really hot. I usually use the max temperature setting on most hair tools but for this one, I have to actually turn it down to the second highest.
The main highlight of this straightener is obviously the Vapor Infusion Technology, so no review is complete without talking about it. This is certainly the first straightener I've tried that features a cooling vapor and the idea is very cool. However, I am not certain how big of a difference it really makes. I normally use a protective hair spray or serum before straightening so I wouldn't rely on the vapor alone to protect my hair.
Often, the vapor makes the hair sizzle during straightening, which is slightly disconcerting as sizzling is never a good sign during hair straightening. Additionally, the Macadamia Conditioning leaves a bit of a residue on the heating plates. The residue wipes off easily, but it again makes me question the practicality of the vapor.
Slit opening for the Cool Micro Vapor
Aside from the vapor technology, the straightener's buttons are easy to use and the light-up indicators are very helpful. There is a bit of an issue with the tiny gap where the plates meet the plastic backing. I, along with my friend who also tried the straightener, have noticed that one or two hairs will get caught between the gap, which is definitely not ideal, but it's not a deal breaker.

I think with its Vapor Infusion Technology, this is definitely an innovative product. However, I am not completely convinced that the cool micro vapor provides a huge difference for the hair. Additionally, to accommodate the vapor technology, the straightener is much wider than most 1" straighteners, which makes the device a bit bulky and clumsy. With that said though, the straightener heats up really quickly and the ceramic plates are well-made to provide a smooth and frizz-free straightening.

The Remington T Studio PRO Tect Straightener will be available this Fall online and in stores at London Drugs (ships within Canada) and Remington online (U.S. shipping only).
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