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Katy Perry's Mad Potion Eau de Parfum: Review

Disclaimer: The product featured was provided for review.
Katy Perry's Mad Potion Eau de Parfum: Review
For Fall 2015, get mesmerized because Katy Perry is releasing a new fragrance boasting some potent vanilla accords. Inspired by the bewitching charm of the singer, Katy Perry's Mad Potion ($40 for 30 ml or $60 for 50 ml) has three different notes of vanilla intermingling with splashes of peony, jasmine, musk, and amber. Interested? Read all about it now.......
Katy Perry's Mad Potion Eau de Parfum
The Bottle:
Mad Potion comes in a dainty round potion bottle. The glass is frosted to create an air of mystery. The neck of the bottle has some circus-esque black stripes and the cap is a plastic bulb embedded with silver glitters. With this new fragrance, I feel that the intended audience is definitely a lot younger. The bottle design of Mad Potion has a more childish feel compared to Katy's previous fragrances (ex. Killer Queen, Royal Evolution). I actually don't mind the frosted bottle itself, but the gaudy and glittery bauble cap really throws me off.
Katy Perry's Mad Potion Eau de Parfum
The Scent:
With three different notes of vanilla, this is a very sweet, warm, and girly scent. I don't have the most sensitive nose so unless I hold my face right up to this, I only really pick up the warm vanilla and musk. Upon a closer inspection though, I can somewhat detect the florals but the apple musk is nowhere to be found. I've seen reviews of people comparing Made Potion to "Pink Sugar" (aka the ultimate sweet girly perfume) and I agree that this is definitely meant for those that love a musky vanilla scent.

Top Notes: Vanilla orchid, apple, peony
Heart Notes: Bourbon vanilla, musk, jasmine
Base Notes: Vanilla bean, musk, amber

I personally love vanilla so I do enjoy this scent. The sillage and wear is a bit weak so in a way they balance out the strong sweet scent profile. Now if only this came in a classier bottle.....

Katy Perry's Mad Potion Eau de Parfum
So what are your thoughts? Have you been a fan of Katy Perry scents in the past? Will you be checking out Mad Potion? Let me know in the comments below!

Katy Perry's Mad Potion is available starting July 20th at Shoppers Drug Mart and October 21st at Walmart.
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