Monday, January 11, 2016

THEFACESHOP Ink Lipquid Lip Stain in "RD01 Apple Red" & "PK03 Shah Pink": Review and Swatches

Disclaimer: The products featured were provided for review.
As you know, I love lip products of all kinds so I was excited to try out the very intriguing Ink Lipquid ($25 CAD) all-in-one lipstick, gloss and tints from THEFACESHOP. Available in 12 different shades, the Ink Lipquids promise a whopping 12 hours of wear. So how do they live up to their claim? Read on to find out......
THEFACESHOP Ink Lipquid in "RD01 Apple Red" & "PK03 Shah Pink"
THEFACESHOP Ink Lipquids come in very unique-looking matte black tubes with a little window that shows the color inside. The test tube-like packaging reminds me a lot of the Sephora Rouge Infusion lip stains, but these are a heck lot cuter. The slightly chubby doe-foot applicator has a scoop-like tip that allows it to pick up more product, and this helps with a nicer and more even application.
THEFACESHOP Ink Lipquid in "RD01 Apple Red" & "PK03 Shah Pink"
These pretty lip stains from THEFACESHOP has a slightly viscous liquid formulation. They are similar to the thicker Benefit lip and cheek tints (Posietint, Cha Cha Tint, etc) but the formulation is a lot more pigmented. They also remind me of the Sephora Rouge Infusion 10 Hour Lip Stains but these leave a more prominent texture on the lips as opposed to being a pure stain. The product applies like a non-sticky gloss but the majority of the color gets absorbed, leaving behind a slightly moist and uncomfortable film on the lips. I find it best to blot these before leaving the door, just to prevent any major smearing or transferring.
The pigmentation is really strong but the wear is not spectacular. They are not waterproof so any drinking dissolves the color, making them bleed. With that said, the lips will remain stained (some unevenness will occur) throughout the day.
I think all in all, these are good for that barely-there soft ombre lips that's super popular in Asia right now. However, for a full-lip application, there are better tint/stain gloss selections out there.

RD01 Apple Red: This is a really bright, almost neon red with a slight pink undertone. The pigmentation is spectacular and the application is nice and even.
PK03 Shah Pink: This is a really intense pink. When swatched on the arm, it seemed very soft but on the lips it was crazy bright. With this one I experienced a bit of unevenness and there seems to be a slightly milky appearance after drinking, which is not great.
THEFACESHOP Ink Lipquid in "RD01 Apple Red" & "PK03 Shah Pink"
THEFACESHOP Ink Lipquid in "RD01 Apple Red"
THEFACESHOP Ink Lipquid in "PK03 Shah Pink"
THEFACESHOP is available online and in stores at THEFACESHOP boutiques.
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