Friday, August 5, 2016

THEFACESHOP Ink Gel Stick in "RD01" & "CR01": Review and Swatches

Disclaimer: The products featured were provided for review.
New from THEFACESHOP is a line of ultra-pigmented lipsticks with a slick and moisturizing formulation. Available in 12 bold and beautiful shades, the Ink Gel Stick ($15 CAD) lip colors are seriously impressive. Today I have a couple shades to share with you. To see some swatches, click......
The Ink Gel Sticks come in super simple and sleek matte black lipstick tubes. The lipstick takes a lot of effort to twist up; it takes quite a few turns for it to dispense the desired amount. Also, there isn't a lot of product in the tube. You get 1.5 grams, which is about half of a regular lipstick. Given how soft and gel-like the formulation is, you can really go through these in a short period of time.
THEFACESHOP Ink Gel Stick in "CR01" & "RD01"
Infused with oils of safflower seed, rosehip seed, and European plum seed, THEFACESHOP Ink Gel Sticks indeed have an ultra slick, almost gel-like texture. Both shades have the shiniest and the most alluring finish; they are translucent but incredibly pigmented. "CR01" is a bold warm pink and "RD01" is a super bright red.
The slick formulation smudges easily and is a bit prone to bleeding; however, even when the product wears off, the lips are left with a super intense tint of color. The product feels amazing on the lips- incredibly moisturizing and lightweight. I personally find these a bit high-maintenance but for special events or occasions where you really want to wow, these are perfect!
THEFACESHOP Ink Gel Stick in "CR01"
THEFACESHOP Ink Gel Stick in "RD01"
THEFACESHOP is available online and in stores at THEFACESHOP boutiques.
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