Monday, October 7, 2013

September 2013 Wantable Makeup Box: Review and Swatches

Disclaimer: The box were provided for review.
I was quite keen on beauty subscriptions when they first came out a couple years ago because getting beauty surprises right in your mailbox every month is nothing short of magicial. But as the months went on, I slowly became bored and dissatisfied with every service I tried. I kept getting repeats, teeny samples, expired products, unwearable colors and anti-aging products I would never use.
So how does Wantable Makeup Box, a relatively new beauty subscription stand against the rest?
The Wantable Makeup Box monthly subscription is $36 including shipping (only for US). You have the option of skipping or cancelling any time you like. You also can purchase an individual box for $40.
Compared to several of the other boxes, Wantable is a little more expensive; however, all of the products are full size and you have great control over the things you receive.

Practically every other beauty subscription allows you to complete a survey so they can "choose the products that best fits you". But of all the ones I have tried, none of the companies really use the surveys and I send up getting age rewind eye creams and pale pink lip glosses.

Wantable, on the other side, has a extensive questionnaire (though it doesn't take that long) for you to fill out. Asking you about your every beauty preference, from the texture of your eyeshadow to the kinds of nail polish you like. Below is an page from the survey, asking about the color and opaqcity of lip products you prefer.
You will never receive products you "dislike" and will usually receive products you "love" or "like". 
So here are the products I received:

Manna Kadar Lipstick in "Russian"-Retails for $21:
If you read my posts often you know I love lipsticks, especially the bright ones. Manna Kadar Lipstick in "Russian" is a classic creamy red. The texture is very smooth and pigmented, no complaints here. (Swatches at the end of the post)
Cailyn Cosmetics Red Lip Tint -Retails for $13:
The next product is also a lip product, yay! This one is a liquid lip tint from Cailyn Cosmetics. I believe the product is called "Red Tint" and I expected it to be red, however, this takes on a more plum color. It is give a pretty vampy look and pairs well with a lip balm or lip gloss on top. I indicated I am not into dark colors but I think the name of the color was misleading and Wantable had this categorized as a red.
Lise Watier Solo Eyeshadow in "Vert Cosmiqe"-Retails for $18:
This is a beautiful shimmery medium green eyeshadow housed in a beautiful compact. Love everything about this! The texture of the shadow is creamy and pigmented.
Be a Bombshell Eyeshadow in "Divine"-Retails for $14:
Yes another eyeshadow! This one from Be a Bombshell is a dusty shimmery icy blue. The packaging isn't as fancy as the Lise Watier one but the pigmentation is great and I think this is a rather wearable color.
Be a Bombshell Eyeshadow in "Blind Date"-Retails for $16:
You can't really go wrong with a shimmery coral blush. The color isn't that unique but the texture and pigmentation is great so I give this a yay!
LAQA & Co. Nail Polish in "Greedy Guts"-Retails for $11
Last but not least, a beautiful nail polish from LAQA & Co.. This is hands down my favorite item in the box (surprise, surprise). This red polish is simply stunning! The application was flawless and the polish has just a tinge of berry color in it which makes it quite unique. I think "Molly" from Julep (my favorite red polish) has some competition!
Here is "Greedy Guts" swatched. Two coats were used in the photo. The polish was incredibly self-leveling, never tried a polish that was so easy to apply!
Here are the swatches of the rest of the products:
So the total value of the box is $93. Overall I am very satisfied because everything I received I will use.
I am seriously considering subscribing because all the products I received this time were amazing, but my unused makeup drawer is brimming with products and I really shouldn't get more things until I start using some...
But for those of you who like beauty subscriptions and want to try new things, Wantable is a must!
The company ships to both US, Canada, and Australia, if you would like to subscribe, feel free to use my referral link! Thanks for reading!

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