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Ole Henriksen Power Peel Professional Strength Microdermabrasion AHA Peel System: Review

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Ole Henriksen Power Peel: Review
Hi everyone, happy hump day! I hope your week is going well. Today I am reviewing an all-time bestseller from Ole Henriksen called the Power Peel Professional Strength Microdermabrasion AHA Peel System ($20 CAD for 2-Pack or $60 CAD for 6-Pack). An at-home chemical peel kit inspired by spa face peel treatments, the Power Peel system includes three easy steps that scrub, peel, and nourish the skin. I've given this a try and loved the result so if you are interested in learning more, click......

The Power Peel Professional Strength Microdermabrasion/AHA Peel System is actually available in packs of two or packs of six (there is no price per unit difference). I have here the box of six.
Each step comes in an individually sealed plastic pod and each pod holds 4ml of product. For me personally, there is definitely more than enough Almond Polish Facial Scrub (Step 1) and Lemon Strip Flash Peel (Step 2). Unfortunately, the pods are not resealable, so some product will go to waste (the Lemon Strip Flash Peel especially).
Included also are two seriously magical cleansing sponges. At first I thought they were thin cleansing pads; however, upon coming in contact wth water, these paper-thin round pads literally transform into decently-sized multi-use sponges within the blink of an eye! They are very soft and work really well at removing most of the mask and peel before doing a final rinse.
I personally would have preferred three individually-packaged, multi-use bottles of these three steps just because I think there would much less waste, but I can see how the individual pods keep the products fresh and travel-friendly.
Ole Henriksen Power Peel: Review
Ole Henriksen Power Peel
Step 1: Almond Polish Facial Scrub
Sprinkled with a dose of walnut shell powder and oat kernel, this is a really yummy-smelling face scrub formulated with honey, glycerine, bamboo extract, and sweet almond extract. I like the light and creamy texture but this is quite an abrasive scrub. I think it's the oat kernels that actually feel really intense on the face so I would suggest applying very gentle pressure during scrubbing.

Step 2: Lemon Strip Flash Peel (Full-size available)
Made with glycolic, lactic, and multi-fruit alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), this is a very potent chemical peel that reminds me a lot of the Juice Beauty Full Strength Apple Peel in that it's very strong. Depending on your skin's sensitivity, you will experience some degree of stinging, heat, and temporary redness. For me personally, I can see my skin turn noticeably red from the mask and the tingling is just within my tolerance level. With that said, this stuff really works. After use, my skin is noticeably smoother, softer, and more radiant.

Step 3: Chamomile Comfort Mask
Perhaps my favorite step of this Power Peel system, the Chamomile Comfort Mask is to be applied directly above the Lemon Strip Flash Peel. This slightly viscous and creamy kaolin clay mask is made of sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, primrose oil, and chamomile extract. After rubbing it into the Lemon Strip Flash Peel, my skin feels so good, partly due to the lovely texture and partly due to the fact it neutralizes the discomfort of the peel. I rarely see peel systems including a nourishing and calming mask as a last step so I'm super impressed with this mask; I kind of wish it's available for individual purchase.

I love this Power Peel system! Although I find the scrub a bit too abrasive, the Lemon Strip Flash Peel and the Chamomile Comfort Mask do a great job at chemically exfoliating my skin while still keeping it nourished and conditioned. The result is definitely noticeable, after just one use my skin looks and feels smooth and polished. Additionally, I think the price of the system is pretty reasonable. The peel is designed for one use per month so the price comes down to $10 CAD, which to me seems like a bargain compared to spa facial peels.

Ole Henriksen is available in stores and online at Sephora.
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