Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015 Favorites: Skincare and Bath & Body

For me, 2015 was the year that I really got into skincare. I've been super keen on applying night and day creams and regularly using face masks; I honestly think I've finished more products this year than the past several combined. Well, to see what my list, click.......

1. Lush Cranberry Festive Mask: Sadly a limited edition release from Lush, this mask smells so festive and its formulation is smooth and rich!
2. Dr Roebuck's Polish: This is a lovely and gentle everyday face scrub/cleanser with a great texture.
3. Bliss Multi-'Face'-Eted All-in-One Anti-aging Clay Mask: Although frustratingly difficult to remove, this mask feels so good on the skin and it leaves it super soft and refreshed.
4. Kiehl's Hydrating & Clarifying Treatment Masque: This mask leaves my skin looking and feeling fresh and glowy!
5. Sephora Purifying & Mattifying Mud Mask: With little bits of orange peel, this mud mask cleanses the skin so well, perfect for oily and combination skin. Also, the price is great!
6. Shiseido White Lucent Power Brightening Mask: Much like the Kiehl's mask, this is an amazing sheet mask that really seems to brighten and nourish my skin.
Mask Favorites of 2015
Creams & Toners:
1. Pai Echium & Argan Eye Cream: So lightweight and gentle, this eye cream is very moisturizing but not greasy.
2. Avon Anew Men Daily Moisturizer with SPF 50: Although marketed for men, this is a pretty darn awesome day moisturizer for the summer.
3. Bioderma Sensibio H2O: This is technically not a toner but I would use it after cleansing my skin every once in a while to remove an eye makeup residue.
4. Kat Burki Vitamin E Intensive Face Cream: This is such a great luxe face cream made with quality ingredients. Kat Burki has totally won over my heart this year.
5. Kiehl's Iris Extract Activating Treatment Essence: This is a great essence/toner than leaves my skin feeling so hydrated and nourished. Definitely one of the best products I've tried from Kiehl's.
6. Philosophy Renewed Hope in A Jar Moisturizer: Another superb face cream, Renewed Hope in A Jar has an amazingly lightweight and smooth texture.
Cream & Toner Favorites of 2015
Bath & Body:
1. Jealous Body Scrub: 2015 saw the rise of the ground coffee body scrub trend and Jealous Body Scrub was the one I fell in love with. This stuff exfoliates really well and the moisturizing coconut oil leaves the skin soft and supple. Also, coffee just smells amazing in the shower!
2. Lush Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb: This is definitely my favorite bath bomb from Lush. If you love patchouli and a colorful surprise, check this out!
3. Kat Burki Body Butter: Another product from Kat Burki, this body butter is hands down the best I've tried. It literally melts into the skin, providing long-lasting hydration and no yucky residue or grease.
4. Lush Salt & Peppermint Bark Body Scrub: This is such a great bar scrub that just polishes my body like no other. The only unfortunate bit is that it doesn't last very long.
Bath & Body Favorites of 2015
I didn't review that many hair products this year but the L'Oreal Smooth Intense collection really stood out to me. Paired with the shampoo, the conditioner made my hair so smooth and soft!
Hair Favorites of 2015
What are your skincare and bath & body favorites from 2015? Share with me in the comments below!
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